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8 Reasons Dragon Quest 11 Is One Of The Best RPGs On PC

Creator: Rock Paper Shotgun    Category: Gaming    Added: 15 Sep 2018
Dragon Quest 11 has consumed Noa’s entire life - she sees Blue Slimes wherever she goes. It’s a combination of great world design, compelling characters and combat that is as hard or easy as you want, all served up in a perfectly paced adventure. Here are 8 reasons Dragon Quest XI is one of the best RPGs on PC. This isn’t a full Dragon Quest XI review - we are still trying to get through it - but a look at what makes this the distinct JRPG it is. It’s very easy to write Dragon Quest off as conservative, this giant best-selling series that stubbornly refuses to evolve. But could it just be the gaming equivalent of comfort food, or a game that’s confident in its own skin that it doesn’t feel the need to layer on flashy gimmicks. In Noa’s list feature she breaks down what makes the game work for her - the amazing world design, the cast of delightful allies… even the weird NPCs who pad out this world. If you’re PC for life, there’s a good chance you’ve not played this classic JRPG series, so hopefully this feature will fill in the details and help you decide whether it’s for you or not. If it is, better book off some work, as it’s a bit of a beast. If you’ve been playing the game we’d love to hear your Dragon Quest 11 reviews in the comments below - help convince your fellow PC-players to give it a go. And if you enjoyed this video, why not subscribe to Rock Paper Shotgun for more like it - we cover all things related to PC games. #dragonquestxi #dragonquest11 #rps

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