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Torchlight 3 Review - The Final Verdict

Creator: GamingBolt    Category: Gaming    Added: 21 Oct 2020

Torchlight III is by no means the best or most innovative dungeon crawler in recent memory. It cobbles together pieces of its stages of troubled development, and while many of them work, some clashes are noticeably present. Gameplay is fun in short bursts and when fighting new, major bosses, but the grind often feels like more of a chore than an exciting path forward.

The economy, too, feels more like a relic of a free-to-play game than something that should be this barebones in a full-price experience. Nevertheless, while the underlying structural issues diminished the full product, I still enjoyed the romp. Though the aspects of Torchlight III that miss the mark dampen some of its enjoyability, there is enough light that shines through to make it an interesting experience anyway.

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