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Van Halen - Right Here Right Now Concert

Creator: Hazardteam    Category: Music    Added: 17 Mar 2019

The remastered (96khz/16bit wav; 2.5Gig) audio file download link is: https://goo.gl/WUmZoN

This is a gift for @1greeneagles2 :) Important: You will get better sound quality if/when change resolution to "HD". This is an audio remastered version of Van Halen: "Right Here Right Now" concert DVD.I was try working on this wonderful music-audio, and show, from my heart & my best ability. I hope you will enjoy this concert everybody, who loves the Van Halen brothers, Michael Anthony, Sammy Hagar and David Lee Roth (yes, Roth!) so = The Van Halen band. These guys give to me very much joy, something extra content for every times in my lifetime. I love them all, because they are THE VAN HALEN! Live long, and prosper. For all of you, and for Van Halen:) And i'm happy that, because Eddie is healthy already, and He's active again!

Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Live:_Right_Here,_Right_Now

0:00:01 - INTRODUCTION (by Mitchell Sinoway editor. Wiki: http://tinyurl.com/clmwxoo)
0:00:47 - "Poundcake"
0:06:05 - "Judgement Day"
0:11:07 - "Man on a Mission"
0:16:45 - "When It's Love"
0:22:05 - "In 'n' Out"
0:27:12 - "Right Now"
0:33:12 - INTERVIEW (Michael Anthony)
0:33:55 - "Ultra Bass" (Base Solo by Mike)
0:38:59 - "Pleasure Dome"
0:40:48 - "Drum Solo" (by Alex)
0:48:46 - INTERVIEW (Alex Van Halen)
0:50:05 - "Spanked"
0:55:06 - "Runaround"
1:00:08 - "Finish What Ya Started"
1:06:06 - INTERVIEW (Sammy Hagar)
1:06:48 - "Eagles Fly" (by Sammy)
1:12:41 - INTERVIEW (Eddie Van Halen)
1:13:22 - "316" (Guitar Solo by Eddie)
1:27:06 - "You Really Got Me" (1:29:14 - "Cabo Wabo")
1:35:00 - "The Dream Is Over"
1:40:16 - "Jump"
1:44:30 - "Top of the World"
1:48:11 - AMAZING FINALE! :)
1:51:26 - THE END - Mitchell Sinoway (The editor master and his lovely dog)


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