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My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade Is Dead!

Creator: My Chemical Romance    Category: Music    Added: 16 Jan 2018

Download 'The Black Parade Is Dead! (Live)': https://wbr.ec/tbpid

2:26 The end
4:28 Dead
7:40 This is how I disappear
11:24 The sharpest lives
15:22 Welcome to the black parade
20:54 I don’t love you
25:30 House of wolves
29:05 Cancer
33:09 Mama
38:18 Sleep
43:48 Teenagers
48:09 Disenchanted
53:34 Famous last words
1:01:06 Welcome to the black parade
1:06:07 Thank you for the venom
1:10:06 Dead
1:15:41 The sharpest lives
1:20:17 this is how I disappear
1:24:31 Teenagers
1:28:17 I’m not okay
1:32:23 You know what they do to guys like is in prison
1:36:27 Famous last words
1:41:36 Give ‘Em hell, Kids
1:44:20 house of wolves
1:48:36 Its not fashion statement, It’s a fucking deathwish
1:52:54 I don’t love you
1:57:09 Someone out there loves you after all/Stay
2:01:26 Mama
2:06:30 Helena
2:10:59 Cancer

My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade Is Dead! (Concert Film)

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