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F1's new 2024 overtaking rules explained

Creator: THE RACE    Category: Sport    Added: 24 Apr 2024

Time and time again in recent years it's felt like frustrating inconsistencies have meant you the fans, us the media, them the drivers and even F1 officials don't actually know what's allowed or not in wheel-to-wheel racing.

There's little worse in F1 than when you watch a great battle with two or more cars, things get a bit sketchy, and you just have no idea if it’s going to result in a penalty.

Whether it's overtaking on the inside or outside, lunging from far back, defending too aggressively - we've seen everything from hard but fair racing being punished to lairy over the top moves getting overlooked.

Something has changed this year to try to stop that - but you might not have noticed because it doesn't seem to have been published anywhere.

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