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6 Reasons You’ll Never Want to Stop Murdering In Hitman 2 | PC Impressions

Creator: Rock Paper Shotgun    Category: Gaming    Added: 08 Nov 2018
Hitman 2 is almost out on PC and Noa’s been playing the final game to deliver her PC impressions. After a few days we’ve tried new levels, messed with the AI and made a tiny dent on the replayable challenges and here are 6 reasons you’ll never want to stop murdering in Hitman 2. This isn’t our full Hitman 2 review - that’ll come when we’ve spent more time with the game - but offers a quick look at what the game has to offer. Noa hasn’t played Hitman since Blood Money, so you’ll see her get to grips with new sandbox levels, the more open style of play and the focus on replaying levels to squeeze every drop of death out of them. Fun! We visit new Hitman 2 locations like Mumbai and Whittleton Creek and check out some of Agent 47’s new powers, including the ability to hide in bushes. Everyone’s doing it these days. Our full Hitman 2 PC review arrives on the channel in a few days, but hopefully these PC impressions will give you an idea of what to expect from the final game. We maybe weren’t as impressed with Hitman 2’s story - it’s a bit of a muddle - but when the levels are packed with so many mini narratives to discover and exploit, it’s not a total dealbreaker. If you have any questions about Hitman 2 locations, difficulty ot story, why not pop them in the comments below and our team of Hitman 2 experts will jump on them. Hitman 2 releases on November 13, although comes out a few days early if people pre-order it. We’ll have a full Hitman 2 PC review on the channel in a few days - we want to properly test the new Ghost Mode and see how the update has improved levels from the original game - because if you own Hitman 2018 and 2016 you can play those earlier levels with the new gameplay mechanics of the current game. IO Interactive seem nice like that. We hope you enjoyed these Hitman 2 PC impressions - if you liked this, or any of our videos, why not subscribe to Rock Paper Shotgun? We cover anything and everything on PC, and hopefully do it in a non-annoying way. There’s certainly no shouting and screaming. It’s not the Hitman way, is it? Hopefully see you for more videos soon. #hitman2 #agent47 #rps

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