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6 Best And Worst Things About Battlefield V At Launch | Early Access PC Impressions

Creator: Rock Paper Shotgun    Category: Gaming    Added: 09 Nov 2018
After two days of early access to Battlefield V - now available in early access through EA Origins Access - we’ve got a better idea of how it works: customization, new maps, grand operations, the works. Having played Battlefield 5 early access, here are the best and worst things about the game at launch. While we need to play more of the game to offer a full Battlefield V PC review, our early access did give us a good taste of the new features. Character customization comes together in Battlefield 5’s Company - a place where you can tweak all your classes across both Allies and Axis, equipping new weapons, tweaking those weapons and playing with all the cosmetic items. If you’ve been looking forward to Battlefield V character customization, you probably won’t be disappointed. If this was a Battlefield 5 review, I’d point out that it can make for a disjointed game - we get the impression that DICE don’t know what tone to aim for. It’s part sombre, part silly, with mad golden machine guns sitting alongside sad depictions of the war dead. This Battlefield 5 PC gameplay focuses on multiplayer - check out our previous video for War Stories - and we got to try new Battlefield V maps and modes, from the impressive Twisted Steel and Devastation to the less impressive Fjell. We also played loads of Battlefield V grand operations, which stitch together multiple matches into a great mini campaign. I was really impressed with Battlefield 5’s focus on squad play, and the way it rewards tight teamplay with reinforcements you can drop into battle - the V1 Rocket is a treat - and level up quickly by helping our your friends. Battlefield 5 is the antidote to battle royale in so many ways - at least until it gets its own battle royale mode later in 2019. Firestorm is coming, as part of a huge wave of free DLC - a tempting offer, but one that feels a little shapeless to me at the moment. I’d be nervous about jumping on the game with the vague promise of modes to come. I hope you find these Battlefield V early access impressions useful - I’ll pop a link to Rock Paper Shotgun’s full Battlefield 5 PC review when it is up on the site. For my money I feel like the game has the mechanical depth to keep you entertained, but maybe not the width of options that I’d expect from a game at launch. If you have any questions about Battlefield V, please do pop them in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer them ASAP. And if you enjoyed this video, why not subscribe to Rock Paper Shotgun - we cover any game that arrives on PC and try to mix the mainstream with the mysterious. If you see us around on Battlefield 5, do take it easy on us - we are old and don’t have the hand/eye coordination to keep up with the kids. #battlefield5 #battlefieldv #rps

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