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Animated Sci-fi short film "Laniakea"

Creator: Dima Taran    Category: Animation    Added: 20 Mar 2021

The action takes place in the future, when superluminal speeds allow for travel to any point in the universe. People are hoping to find extraterrestrial life, but as of yet no one has succeeding in finding anything. One day, a lonely man finds a message in a monolith that has been drifting in space. It helps him to find a portal that leads to the home planet of those who made the monolith. He finds a giant structure, a building. But ...This place is breathing on its own. Where has everyone gone?

If you want the second part of Laniakea, just post a comment about it. You can also support the development of the second part on patreon: https://www.patreon.com/HoloArt

Soundtrack and other tracks that were considered for this video, can be found in this playlist:

In my social media you can find more, backstage, sketches, process of making Laniakea:

Special thanks to my University and Proshina Anna who helped me with a rendering.

0:00 Monolith
0:42 Title
0:52 Portal
1:23 Alien's home planet
1:36 Giant construction
2:22 Inside in the construction
3:00 Museum
3:40 Hall with capsules
4:05 Path to the answer
4:45 Answer
5:16 Friend support
5:41 Credits

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