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Sci-Fi Fantasy Short Film: "Six" | DUST

Creator: DUST    Category: Movies and TV    Added: 19 Mar 2022

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A young female vampire is caught by a clandestine government organization tasked with eliminating vampires and is made an offer she can't refuse: join them and help hunt down her own kind or be eliminated.

"Six" by L. Gustavo Cooper

Starring Anne Winters ( 13 Reasons Why, The Orville) & William Fichtner (Prison Break)

Connect with the Filmmakers:

"Six" Credits:
Director: L.Gustavo Cooper
Executive Producer: Mark Burg
Executive Producer: Duane A Sikes
Executive Producer: Steve Ward
Executive Producer: Sherryl Lang
Producer: Brad Kaplan
Producer: Devin Ward
Writers: Bragi F. Schut
Line Producer: Devin Ward
Production Manager: Julie Richheimer
1st AD: Joshua Lou Friedman
2nd AD: Jonathan Avedon
2nd 2nd AD: Marcus Friend
Production Assistants: Van White, Kenneth Brewster, David Bittick
Assistant to Brad Kaplan: Raen Kirchner-Malone
Assistant to Mark Burg: James Cole
Script Supervisor: Eric Vega

Director of Photography: Robert Lam
Additional Photography: Joseph White
A Camera 1st AC: Nick Cutway
A Camera 2nd AC: Drew Dawson
B Cam/Steadicam Operator: Thom Valko
Drone Operator: Maury Covington Jr.
Data Manager/DIT: Randy Kaplan
Stills Photographer/BTS: Temma Hankin

Key Grip: Jake Koenig
Best Boy Grips: Andrew Barton, Maio Ju Chien

Gaffer: Willie Dawkins
Best Boy Electric: Miguel Sanchez
Electric: Greg Patterson

Sound Mixer: Alexander X. Hutchinson
Sound Design and Original Score: Sean Beavan

VFX Producer: Alexis Nelson
VFX Supervisor: Meng Yang Lu
VFX Coordinator: Ian Moore

VFX Supervisor: Jason Richardson
Comp Supervisor: Aurelio Vera

Editor: L.Gustavo Cooper & Josh Ethier

Costume Designer: Areayl Cooper
Assistant Costume Designer: Brianna Smariga

Hair/Makeup Dept Head: Cale Thomas
Makeup Artists: Joe Badiali, Lexx Staats

Production Designer: Calder Greenwood
Set Dressers: Donnie Biggs, Derek Schiller

Prop Master: Alexa Roland

Craft Service: Susan Burlingame
Crafty Assistant: Brad Moore
Set Medic: Stanley Gonzalez
Security: Rick Jones

Stunt Coordinator: Kim Do Nguyen

Location Manager: Joe Abel

Caterers: Sunrise Sunset Catering

Charlie - Anne Winters
Motel Manager - Joshua Lou Friedman
Middle Aged Guy - Drew Powell
Darnell - Big Gipp
Jamal - Bernard Jones
Sean - Shane Brady
Prostitute #1 - Vanessa Bednar
Prostitute #2 - Augie Duke
Prostitute #3 - Juliette Beavan
Davis - William Fichtner
Nyman - Valerie Pettiford
Porter - Ashton Holmes
Agent - Maxie Solters
Charlie Stunt Double: Natalie Strasser
SWAT Stunt Players: Hymnson Chan, Anthony Harrison, Calvert Miles, John Nania

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