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The Surge 2 Review (PC) | 8 Best And Worst Things About The Surge 2

Creator: Rock Paper Shotgun    Category: Gaming    Added: 24 Sep 2019

The Surge 2 is out today, but will you want to chop until you drop? Matthew gets in his exo rig and steps into Jericho City. From the refreshed combat system to the amazing map design, we look at the best and worst features in the final game. A Surge 2 review, in other words, with some lovely Surge 2 PC gameplay while we’re at it.

Rock Paper Shotgun has a written The Surge 2 review on the site. This is the RPS video team The Surge 2 review - a Surge 2 PC review to be precise. We’ve been looking forward to this one for a while, as early preview impressions showed off some cool adjustments to The Surge gameplay. Ever since we did our early The Surge 2 impressions (https://youtu.be/oLK_bwCwnF4 or https://youtu.be/JnGhlfsiNwY) we’ve been waiting for this The Surge 2 test. And the verdict? It’s a great step up from the original.

With new weapons to bolster improved combat, and a much bigger map to explore (with loads of shortcuts), there’s a lot to admire here. Still some technical issues and uneven difficulty curve in places - some common enemies are a tad too easy - but you can always adjust the difficulty by taking off the directional parry indicator. A great solution to videogame difficulty. We test The Surge 2 on PC on two different cards - this video is mostly capture on an RTX 2080, but there are bits with a GTX 1070 Ti where we had some graphical issues. The Surge 2 gameplay should speak for itself.

I hope you enjoy this The Surge 2 review. If you have any questions not answered by the video, pop them in the comments. Want to know which boss killed Matthew the most? Maybe you just want to know how long is The Surge 2? You could just console The Surge 2 how long to beat page, or you could watch the vidoe to find out. And if you enjoy our PC game reviews, why not watch more. Here are some picks from recent months:

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