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Why Red Bull couldn't stop Adrian Newey quitting its F1 team

Creator: THE RACE    Category: Sport    Added: 03 May 2024

Adrian Newey's exit from Red Bull in F1 is now official, with the team announcing he will leave early in 2025. Until then, Newey will step back from F1 design work, focusing on finishing the RB17 hypercar project he has led, and attending selected F1 races over the rest of 2024 to assist the team at trackside.
Scott Mitchell-Malm and Edd Straw join Glenn Freeman to discuss how a nearly two-decade relationship that has resulted in so many world championships could reach a point of no-return.

00:00 How did this happen?
02:11 A long time coming
03:18 Who gets the credit at Red Bull?
07:37 What next for Newey?
09:03 Where should he go?

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