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Brabus Factory! Loudest, Fastest, Widest Custom AMG Beasts!!

Creator: Remove Before Race    Category: Cars, Motors, Vehicles    Added: 15 Sep 2019

900 Horsepower! 1500 Newton meters! Madness anywhere else, but just the norm at Brabus! Where other manufacturers look to benchmark, the crazy guys at Bottrop just care about making the coolest, loudest, widest and fastest cars!

Today we get an incredible behind the scenes look at the Factory, where we will explore the individualisation available at Brabus. First with the interiors, showing the custom AMG interior individualisation, custom leather, stitching, carbon parts and more. Some of the exterior highlights of the G800, a custom order of a G700 in aston Martin paint, a GT63S Brabus 800 with PowerXtra B40S-800 pack and Z Block Brabus wheels, and much more!
We also check out how power is achieved in the G800 at Sandown Mercedes in the UK, and check out the Brabus Classic restoration centre where 6 star restorations of classics like the 300 SL Gullwing and SL Pagoda take place!

Oh, and of course you’ll hear much in the way of exhaust sounds from the V8 and V12 valve control exhaust systems! :)

Today we see:

  • Crazy Brabus car park tour!
  • AMG Interior customisation
  • Stitching machine
  • Leather types
  • Interior tear down
  • Custom Brabus steering wheel
  • Custom Brabus Wheels
  • G700 custom car in Aston Martin satin Silver
  • Crazy Red Alcantara G63 G Wagon Interior
  • Turbos of the G800
  • The GT 4 Door Brabus 800! Based on the AMG GT63 S
  • Exhaust and interior of The Maybach 900 Rocket S Class!
  • Brabus Classic
  • Sound of the G800 Black ops 1 of 10 car!
  • A Thank you

Up next on on RBR is the Porsche Cayenne Coupé Turbo!! And then the Brabus G800!! Subscribe and hit the bell icon 🔔, show your support AND see them first. Also check my instagram below for the full Month’s filming schedule!! In my highlights! :)

Want this #Brabus Upgrade in the UK?? Head over to our friends at Sandown Brabus, the UK based and MB dealer supported home of the B!! Link below:


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Sound effects obtained from www.zapsplat.com
Dj Quads - Game Time NBA2k17

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