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Death Stranding PC Review | Kojima’s Stunning Open World Is Best On PC

Creator: Rock Paper Shotgun    Category: Gaming    Added: 14 Jul 2020

The Death Stranding PC port is a wonderful thing, bringing Kojima’s open world quest to life with sharper looks and silky framerates. Matthew and Colm break down the game in this Death Stranding PC review.

For Death Stranding PC performance, read how Death Stranding PC gameplay runs on recommended specs: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2020/07/01/death-stranding-runs-beautifully-on-pc-even-on-a-gtx-1060/

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You’ll notice that we used a controller in this Death Stranding PC review - nothing against the mouse and keyboard, it controls perfectly fine with them, but we prefer the analogue stick control of our virtual Norman Reedus. Death Stranding is a game about simulating a hike across dangerous land, so being able to creep him around obstacles without having to hit the walk key is appreciated. In this Death Stranding review we talk about the whole game, as it’s new to PC lands - we imagine our colleagues at Digital Foundry will do a proper Death Stranding PC performance test and we’ll link to their video when they do.

Matthew was really taken with Death Stranding’s unique take on the open world game. It’s about as far as you can get from Ubisoft’s cluttered maps, focusing instead on the journey across rough terrain, with a hero who evolves as his equipment improves and who can benefit from the actions of fellow players using online sharing. This Death Stranding PC gameplay was captured on a private server before release, but even with these reduced numbers it was a pretty amazing experience. Definitely dig into the online elements.

Our Death Stranding PC gameplay was captured on a RTX 2080 Super - technically this is 4K resolution, but we captured it at 1440p so not to melt Matthew’s poor computer. If you have an RTX card the game can use DLSS 2.0 to pump up performance - basically punching up the performance at higher resolutions. While our hardware editori is still looking at the game, the general consensus is that Death Stranding RTX performance should be able to cope with 4K on any RTX card, which is nice.

If you have any questions about our Death Stranding review, pop them in the comments. Matthew can explain any part of the game that isn’t clear, or can answer your questions about PC specific features. Want to know more about the Death Stranding Valve additions - the Half-Life and Portal references - he can happily help. We hope you enjoyed this Death Stranding PC review. If you did, please do check out our other reviews and previews. Why not subscribe to the channel?

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