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Brian Cox - Is The Big Bang Theory Wrong?

Creator: Science Time    Category: Education    Added: 10 Nov 2022

Brian Cox - Is The Big Bang Theory Wrong?
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Physicist and professor of particle physics Brian Cox explains whether the big bang theory is wrong.
Despite major scientific discoveries that provide strong support for the Big Bang theory, thereĀ“s been a viral paper spreading over the Internet lately which says that the James Webb Space Telescope has refuted the theory. This has led many to think that our understanding of the Big Bang may be wrong. Could this really be the case? Is the James Webb telescope rewriting fundamental theories of the cosmos?

According to Brian Cox the such a claim is ridiculous. Regardless of what you may have read or heard, the big bang is supported by a preponderance of evidence and has become the most successful theory ever put forth for the origin and evolution of the universe.

Brian Cox mentions that we can actually see the afterglow of the big bang.

Big Bang is a really misleading name for the expanding universe that we see. Because we see an infinite universe expanding into itself. One of the common misconceptions about the Big Bang model is that it fully explains the origin of the universe. However, the Big Bang model does not describe how energy, time, and space were caused, but rather it describes the emergence of the present universe from an ultra-dense and high-temperature initial state.

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