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Sci-Fi Fantasy Short Film "Eureka!" | DUST | Starring Karen Gillan | Online Premiere

Creator: DUST    Category: Movies and TV    Added: 04 Jan 2023

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A lazy, uninspired woman is visited by an otherworldly being responsible for giving humanity all its great ideas.

"Eureka!" directed by Laura Moss
Written by Nick Kocher

Starring Karen Gillan, Jillian Bell, Karan Soni, & David Dastmalchian

Connect with the Filmmakers:

"Eureka!" Credits:
A Bindery Film Production
in Association with Fun Size Horror

Cast: Karen Gillan, Jon Bass, Jillian Bell, Karan Soni, Betsy Sodaro, David Dastmalchian, Efia Pearson, Laura Zak, Sunkrish Bala, Brandon Bales

Producer: Adam Laupus
1st AD: Jean Pesce
Director of Photography: Ben Rutkowski
Production Designer: Caitlin Nicole Williams
Costume Designer: Derya Derman
Makeup: Jessica Eisenman
Special FX Makeup: Keaghlan Ashley
Sound Mixer: Kevin Terrado
Composer: Ariel Marx
Editor: Robert Ryang
VFX: Mark Reynolds
Sound Design: Mixology Post
Color Correction: Nice Shoes

Special Thanks: Cody Goodfellow & Joseph Baken

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