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The big controversy Red Bull's F1 rivals are worried about

Creator: THE RACE    Category: Sport    Added: 16 Dec 2023

Red Bull has a target on its back, away from the F1 track as well as on it.
The relationship between Red Bull’s two F1 teams is coming under increasing scrutiny, something that is likely to become an even bigger talking point when Red Bull Racing and the rebranded AlphaTauri team actually partly share the same base in 2024.
Whenever the second Red Bull team performs well, it immediately raises concerns about how that has been achieved. Because this is F1, where skepticism is rife.
It’s amped up even more with Red Bull, given it is the only organisation that owns TWO different teams. So it’s a more extreme and sensitive example than the paranoia that existed when Ferrari’s customer team Haas was at its most competitive in the past.
It is, however, rooted in the same principle - a quite rapid, head-turning improvement in performance that leaves others wondering how that was achieved, and reviving a well-established complaint about rules that let teams work so closely together.

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00:00 Eye-opening gains
02:47 What's the problem?
04:55 The FIA's view
06:53 Selfish upgrades

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