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"An Ordinary Seal" - by Antonio Deiana

Creator: TheCGBros    Category: Animation    Added: 08 May 2020

TheCGBros Presents "An Ordinary Seal" by Antonio Deiana - Swedish-based Milford Animation Studio has been around for a long time and is a household name in commercial animation globally. With An Ordinary Seal, the studio releases it's first short film, written, directed, and produced entirely in-house.
"To explore storytelling and production for longer formats is a dream we have at Milford", says Johan Gustafsson, executive producer at Milford. "With An Ordinary Seal they dipped their toes in the water of long form production, by telling a funny little story with a twist. This also allowed them to develop the inhouse storytelling talent and hone their skills even further. Their ambition is to develop the concept further, perhaps a tv-series for a young audience."
An Ordinary Seal was written and directed by Milfords animation supervisor Antonio Deiana.
"Seal is a project I've been thinking about for a long time. I wanted to try an exaggerated, cartoony style of animation normally found in 2D, but to do it full CGI. I'm happy with the result and I have loads of other little stories about the seal and the other animals in the Arctic", says Antonio. For more information, please see the details and links below:

Written and directed by Antonio Deiana
Creative Director: Adam Marko-Nord
Producer: Claudia Glod & Kalle Hammarberg
Executive Producer: Johan Gustafsson
CG Supervisor: John Roxenhed
Lead Animator: Antonio Deiana
Animators: Aman Bhanot & Primus Hallin
Lead Light: Daniel Holmgren
Light Artists: Laura Gerlier, Linus Holm & Laurie Pegorier
Compositing: Kalle Kohlström
Character design: Antonio Deiana
Concept Art: Erik Nykvist
Matte Painting: Maïlys Pitcher
Modeling & Surfacing: Mattias Lind, Kenneth Nyman, Nathalie Roy & Gustav Tell
FX Artists: Sebastian Ekman & Niklas Grahn
Rigging: Primus Hallin & Anton Stattin
Music & Sound design: Hans Schumacher
© Milford Animation Studio 2020


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