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Mr.AMG on the NEW M5: The Explosive FULL Review!!

Creator: Remove Before Race    Category: Cars, Motors, Vehicles    Added: 05 Jul 2018

The BMW M5 is BACK! BUT now it’s all wheel drive! The original, regarded as the pinnacle of the Fast Saloon formula: Munich’s brutal M5. It’s never been a car for the faint of heart, always regarded as super car shamer, the first car that comes to mind when you think of the term “Sleeper”. But: now for the first time in it’s history it’s no longer RWD only, it’s now got switchable four wheel drive! And a full drift mode, as well as a more powerful 592 BHP 4.4 Twin Turbo V8!

In this review :

  • Mission Impossible Tribute
  • Exterior Design
  • Interior Design
  • Technology
  • XDrive
  • Exhaust Sound
  • Performance Driving
  • Comfort Driving

Will it be enough to unseat the E63S for me? Does that even matter? I think not!

Up next on on RBR is the Full Review of the New A Class review, and a walk around of the Aston DBS Superleggera!! Subscribe to see them first! Also follow us on Instagram below for daily content!

Huge thanks to BMW Park Lane for giving us the M5!!! Visit them to test and buy the new M5 below:


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First Music by MEZMUSIC -https://www.instagram.com/mmezmorized/
Music by Ender Güney

Driving disclaimer:

Please note all driving shots have been sped up significantly in post production for entertainment purposes. Please drive safely!

Note: All videos are hosted by YouTube, UltraVid.io did not produce this video. If you have any claim on the video then please follow through to Youtube and report at the source.

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