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The NEW AMG GT Black Series!! Join Mr AMG for a First Look!

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The SIXTH and ULTIMATE Black Series has finally arrive! Guys, today is the day we have been waiting for with baited breath. I’m Raz, your Mr AMG, and today I have the honour of Unveil to you, the next in the ultimate chapter of AMG - The #AMG GT #BlackSeries!!

I am also still shaking, I too lost my breath upon viewing this car for the first time. As you can no doubt see now, every element differentiates from all previous iterations of the #MercedesAMG GT Family. A car squarely aimed at becoming the king of the Nurburgring chasing the SVJ and GT2 RS. Let’s explore it today in only the way RBR can!!

I’m so damn excited about this guys. This is what AMG is all about, hard to control positive emotions all from a love of extraordinary products. I’m going to show you every inch of this car. The story of the Black Series began with the little known SLK Black Series. Ironically the rarest of all Blacks, it had extensive use of Carbon fibre, 50 more BHP from the V8 crammed in that mini SLR body, but most significantly was a proper Coupe rather than a folding top like all other SLKs. The SLK 55 was the best small AMG back then before the C63 came, and this Black Series took a great car and made it even more emotional and focused.

This idea, continued across the future Black Series cars. There have only been a handful, and the name is only reserved for the most special cars in the AMG family.

The most famous as the duo of the SLS Black and the C63 Black Series, Two cars that really took a great amount of learning from GT3 racing and brought those technologies to the road. Particularly with focus on aerodynamics, cooling, rigidity and weight saving.

But for the AMG GT Family, these areas were seemingly already duly covered. The Series began with the AMG GT S in 2014. A car somewhat based on the SLS AMG underpinnings, it was no baby SLS in performance proving itself super dynamic with tis 4.0 V8 active engine mounts and what was simply a glorious chassis. Even in its base form with less horsepower at 510 BHP it was simply faster than SLS. This was followed 2 years later by the infamous GT R, we all know this beast. Taking tech from the GT3 that came before it, it had 585BHP, high usage of carbon fibre and lighter materials, focus on Active Aerodynamics, Cooling, multi stage traction control from GT3 emotion, track package… The Beast of the Green Hell was born.

Now when you compare what areas the SLS Black Series Improved upon the Base SLS, as well as the percentage in sheer performance numbers, that seems to be what the GT R achieved for the GT Family. This was further compounded by the GT R Pro, a car truly for race track with no added power but a whole host of suspension and aero revisions, again pulling data from AMG GT4 to make the GT R that much more Track capable!

But I always believed, almost like the coming of a Messiah, the Black will come true believers. And here it is today!!

How do you improve on what was frankly the most capable car in AMG history? Today we explore:

  • The History Of Black Series
  • The AMG GT Family - Does it need Black Series?
  • GTR + GT R Pro vs Black Series
  • The AMG GT Black Series
  • Power and Performance
  • The new M158 LS2 Engine for Black Series
  • Flat Plane vs Cross Plane
  • GT Black Series V8 Exhaust Sound
  • Black Series Aerodynamics
  • Exterior Design
  • Materials used
  • Suspension and Rigidity
  • Drive train elements
  • Huge Double Rear Wing
  • GT Black Series Interior
  • New Orange Black Series AMG Magmabeam Colour

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