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Endling - Extinction is Forever // Release Date Reveal Trailer

Creator: HandyGames    Category: Gaming    Added: 02 Jun 2022

#HandyGames #Endling #ExtinctionIsForever

​We promised you an awesome "Endling - Extinction is Forever" - and we promised it very, very soon. Well, we at HandyGames tend to fulfill our promises.

As the last mother fox on Earth, your cubs need all your care to survive in a merciless world that slowly destroys itself. You have to help them, teach them and save them. And you should never forget that extinction is forever.

Use the cover of night to stealthily guide your litter towards a safer place. Spend the day resting in an improvised shelter and plan your next movement carefully since it could be the last for you and your pups.

#Survival #EcoGame #HerobeatStudios

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