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Electric Six - Absolute Treasure Live Full

Creator: James MacDougall    Category: Music    Added: 05 Feb 2021

Full HD 720p version of Electric Six's one and only Live DVD, Absolute Treasure, filmed in St Andrew's Hall in their home town of Detroit, Michigan in late 2013.

Please support the band by purchasing a download copy from here: https://electricsix.vhx.tv/ !

Down at McDonaldzzz 1:25
Devil Nights 5:58
Transatlantic Flight 9:15
Future is in the Future 13:35
Danger! High Voltage 20:46
Show Me What Your Lights Mean 26:40
Steal Your Bones 30:16
Hello! I See You! 34:48
Gay Bar 39:34
Jam it in the Hole 43:12
Clusterfuck! 49:24
Body Shot 54:22
Synthesizer 58:32
Dance Epidemic 1:02:45
I Buy the Drugs 1:06:58
Dance Commander 1:10:38
Formula 409 1:15:58
Rip It 1:20:00
We Were Witchy White Women 1:24:00

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