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How to Get The Engine Sounds from The Fast and Furious cars.

Creator: Craig Lieberman    Category: Cars, Motors, Vehicles    Added: 07 Apr 2020
The ORIGINAL SOUND recording of the ACTUAL cars from the first movie are online and are available for download. Watch the video to learn how the engines were recorded and how the sounds were then edited with special effects in order to produce what we heard. Here a couple of links to download some of the sounds: SUPRA BURNOUT: https://www.sounddogs.com/search?keywords=supra%20peelout SUPRA TAKEOFF https://www.sounddogs.com/search?keywords=Toyota%20supra&page=5 MAXIMA https://www.sounddogs.com/search?keywords=maxima You can search for other cars like: The Integra - https://www.sounddogs.com/search?keywords=Integra The Eclipse - https://www.sounddogs.com/search?keywords=Mitsubishi%20Eclipse&page=4 The CRX that was used for Brian's Eclipse - https://www.sounddogs.com/search?keywords=CRX and more.

Note: All videos are hosted by YouTube, UltraVid.io did not produce this video. If you have any claim on the video then please follow through to Youtube and report at the source.

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