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7 Reasons Gears Tactics Is One Of The Best Spin-Offs Ever Made | Gears Tactics Review (PC)

Creator: Rock Paper Shotgun    Category: Gaming    Added: 27 Apr 2020
Gears Tactics review time. And what an awesome surprise this game is: a brilliant spin-off that ingeniously mashes together turn-based tactics and Gears of War’s classic action. Matthew leaps over cover and with the help of shiny Gears Tactics PC gameplay, explains why it’s one of the best spin-offs he’s played in years. Why not subscribe for more: https://www.youtube.com/rockpapershot?sub_confirmation=1 Become a channel member: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5bKSAZBvV9AKlBJPG0Py-A/join Come chat to us on Discord: https://discord.gg/rockpapershotgun Rock Paper Shotgun has a written Gears Tactics review on the site - our colleagues enjoy it as much as we do. This is the RPS video team Gears Tactics review - a Gears Tactics PC review to be precise (the game is coming to Xbox One, but there’s no release date). Ever since we ran our Gears Tactics impressions (https://youtu.be/fTL9KhBdjeU) we’ve been keen to play this one. From the classic weapons and enemies - old school Locust, none of that Swarm gubbins - to the unusually aggressive momentum, it’s a tactics game unlike any other. Who knew that Gears of War tactics would work this well? It’s not going to eat up the same amount of time as an XCOM - there’s not a strategic layer to the game - but you can lose at least 25 hours to the main campaign. Wondering how long is Gears Tactics? Well, there’s your answer. Of course, play on harder difficulties, or try to grind out the best loot and level up your heroes in the veteran missions and it’ll run a lot longer. Still, we recommend picking it up through Xbox Game Pass for PC, if you can - the £50 on Steam is pretty pricey. We were solidly entertained throughout our Gears Tactics test, and imagine you will be, too. This Gears Tactics PC gameplay is running on an RTX 2080 Ti, so it has all the bells and whistles activated. For a full tech breakdown we recommend checking out our friends at Digital Foundry - the game is very shiny for a tactics game, certainly better looking than XCOm Chimera Squad. We are impressed with how polished and smooth it seems, too - this is pleasingly jank-free. I hope you enjoy this Gears Tactics verdict video. If you’d like a more basic breakdown of the game you can watch our earlier preview (link above) that outline the major Gears Tactics features - we go into the tactical basics and talk a bit more about Gears Tactics bosses in that one. Both this and that video are spoiler free - no cutscenes to reveal the story, so have no fear. If you have any questions about Gears Tactics not answered by this review, please put them in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them. We will hopefully stream the game later in the week, so keep an eye out for that, too. Want to know what is the best Gears Tactics weapon? Or best Gears Tactic upgrade? We can offer that wisdom. Gears Tactics release date is 28 March (tomorrow!) on steam and Xbox Game Pass for PC. Hooray. Thanks for watching and do subscribe if you enjoy this video. Thanks! #GearsTacticsReview #GearsTactics #GearsOfWarTactics

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