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Turbonegro au Hellfest (2018) - ARTE Concert

Creator: ARTE Concert    Category: Music    Added: 06 Aug 2020

Gritty lyrics and grimy beats, there's no doubt: Turbonegro's badly licked bears are back at Hellfest! We were delighted, the magnificent five-eyed tiger tattooed on Tony Sylvester's belly had been dearly missed.

00:09 Chrome Ozone Creation (The Rock And Roll Machine Suite Part I)
00:36 Part II: Well Hello
02:37 Part III: RockNRoll Machine
06:37 Hurry Up and Die
10:27 Bohemian Rhapsody (Short Cover)
11:31 Get It On
15:37 Hot For Nietzsche
21:00 All My Friends Are Dead
25:09 Wasted Again
29:02 John Carpenter Powder Ballad
35:36 Selfdestructo Bust
39:40 Special Education
43:19 The Age of Pamparius
50:14 I Got Erection (51:50 KISS- I Was Made For Loving You)
54:54 I Got Erection (Finally Starts)

The history of Turbonegro has nothing to envy that of a telenovela: violence, addiction, excessive make-up… We tell you. After the release of their first album, the Norwegian troupe embarked on an American tour which turned into a fiasco. Why ? Too many fights. After this debacle, some of the group's founding members left. The band hired new musicians (including the legendary Hank von Helvete) and changed their name to Stierkampf… before returning to their first love and adopting the pseudonym of Turbonegro. After two changes of look, the definitive adoption of their deathpunk style and the arrival of new musicians, the group releases Apocalypse Dudes - one of their best albums. Yet at the gates of glory, the Norwegians split up. A few years later, Turbonegro reformed… then dissolved again. It wasn't until 2011 and the arrival of singer Tony Sylvester and yet another line-up reshuffle that the group really rose from its ashes. Since then, nothing seems to be able to stop the Scandinavians, the Turbojugend finding every day new adepts all dressed in leather.

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