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8 Best And Worst Things About Rage 2 | Rage 2 Review (PC)

Creator: Rock Paper Shotgun    Category: Gaming    Added: 13 May 2019
Rage 2 is out on May 14th, but are Avalanche and id Software a match made in FPS heaven? Matthew grabs his shotgun, limbers up for a Nantotrite slam and steps into a world gone mad. From big guns to the small campaign length, we look at the best and worst features in the final game. Rock Paper Shotgun will have a written Rage 2 review in due course. This is the RPS video team Rage 2 review - a Rage 2 PC review, to be specific - and we’ve been waiting for this one for a while. Ever since we did our Rage 2 impressions piece (https://youtu.be/lz7Mm87a17g) we’ve been hoping this one would come together. When we look at Rage 2 weapons, particularly that shotgun, we can see the id impact shining through, but we wanted to see what Avalanche would bring to the Rage 2 map. The map size is chunky - about 10km2, give or take some knobbly bits - but is there enough to do? Weirdly the Rage 2 campaign length is one of the shorter examples we’ve seen in an open world game - it’s technically just eight missions surrounded by a mountain of side content. We break it down in our detailed Rage 2 test. And does the map deliver enough interesting activities for Rage 2 vehicles? Or will you spend the whole game avoiding the roads on a gyrocopter? As always, we don’t go into detailed technical breakdowns unless it’s required - this Rage 2 PC gameplay shows it running on a GTX 1070ti - we are going to have a full technical Rage 2 PC analysis over on Rock Paper Shotgun: The Site, so I’ll post a link to that when it is live. This Rage 2 gameplay PC should hopefully give an idea of its technical standard - it’s much less of a mess than last year’s Just Cause 4, which was not a great advert for Avalanche’s Apex engine. Speaking of Just Cause 4, I mentioned in the video that I had issues with that series and the way it used novelty gadgetry to spice up quite mundane action. The idea is explored much more eloquently by the excellent Hamish Black in his video Just Cause 4: The Problem With Chaos. Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKnI3GLMbr8. Maybe one day we will make a smart video like this. In the meantime, enjoy this Rage 2 verdict video - it’s quite a sprawling beast of a game, and hard to pin down, so I hope it’s not too rambling or disjointed. If you have any questions about Rage 2, I’ll be happy to answer them - whether it’s something you need explaining further from the review, or something not covered. Want me to wax lyrical about the Rage 2 shotgun? I can do that. Want a better idea of Rage 2’s upgrades? Ask away. Want to know how long is Rage 2 campaign? That’s in the video. Please watch it. Want to tell me off for playing Rage 2 with a controller? Please don’t. I got plenty of Rage 2 kills with a chunky plastic pad in my mitts, so it’s not a problem. If you enjoyed this video, why not watch some of Rock Paper Shotgun’s other efforts? I recently went hands on with Code Vein and made a video about custom hats (https://youtu.be/AwdK7WLR_Js) and ahead of A Plague Tale’s release tomorrow, I got a first look at a new level in a PC build, so watch that too (https://youtu.be/1vBk6AdZ_kQ). If you enjoyed this video I’d love it if you subscribed to Rock Paper Shotgun and gave the video a thumbs up. It’s the only thing that makes me happy. Apart from Rage 2’s shotgun, naturally. Thanks for watching.

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