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7 Worst And Best Things About The Sinking City | Sinking City Review (PC)

Creator: Rock Paper Shotgun    Category: Gaming    Added: 26 Jun 2019
The Sinking City is out on 27 June, but have Frogwares succumbed to the madness of the Call of Cthulhu? Matthew puts on his detective hat, unfolds his Oakmont map and sloshes about in the city. From freeform investigations to hbland world design, we look at the best and worst Sinking City features. Rock Paper Shotgun has a full Sinking City review on the site. This is the RPS video team The SInking City review - a Sinking City PC review, to be precise. And we’ve been waiting for this one with some intrigue. Ever since the not very good Call of Cthulhu game last year (our review is here: https://youtu.be/Y2kQEnDRgIE) we’ve been waiting to see if Frogwares could make a better job of it. Early SInking City gameplay didn;t inspire us with hope - and I’m not sure the current The Sinking Sinking gameplay is much better - but there are interesting ideas. So in this Sinking City test we’ll mainly look at how it fits into the detective genre, and if it’s open world approach is much cop. It’s quite daring to spread a linear mystery over a vast city and leave people to solve it for themselves. If you’re wondering how long is The Sinking City, it’s not a massive game. The Sinking City’s length is about 12 hours for the main campaign, with another 10 or so for the side content. Even so, there’s a fair amount of repetition there. Use the fast travel points to get to your destination quickly. This Sinking City PC gameplay should give you an idea of the game’s technical standard - this was recorded on an RTX 2080 Ti - there’s not a lot in the game to actually push a card of that power, and even with all that juice the game is prone to pop-in and some incredibly ugly sights. Is it deliberately dreary or plain ol ugly? I think the latter but the jury is out. Elsewhere in The Sinking City verdict video I look at the hodge podge of detective game influences on this Sunken City, from the Sherlock Holmes games of Frogwares’ past to other gems like Her Story, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter and the mighty Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective (the boardgame, not the ropey videogame version). Sinkign City is far from the best detective game on PC - if I was to recommend one, I would suggest The Outer Wilds (although it’s a space game, the process of following rumours across the galaxy makes it an incredible detective game) or Return of the Obra Dinn - where you have to solve the deaths of everyone on board a ghost ship. Now that is a detective game and a half. If you have any questions about this SInking City review, do let me know - whether it’s something from the review that doesn’t make sense, or something I’ve not covered. Want to know more about the specific Lovecraft inspirations? I can help with that. Want to know about the character skill system? I’m your guy. Want to know how long is Sinking City game? Well, I've covered that already. Keep up. Want to tell me off for playing The Sinking City with a controller? Please don’t. I was recording footage while sitting back on a very comfy sofa. I refuse to feel bad about this. If you enjoyed this video why not watch some of Rock Paper Shotgun’s other efforts? We have a lovely review of The Outer Wilds that I’m quite pleased with - it’s my game of the year so far, and you can find out by watching here: https://youtu.be/4kYtnjmpPg4. If you did enjoy this video, please do give it a like, write something nice and subscribe to the channel. It makes us feel nice and fuzzy, which is what you need after the soggy horror of The SInking City game. Thanks for watching. #SinkingCityReview #TheSinkingCityReview #RockPaperShotgun

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