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8 Best And Worst Things About Wolfenstein Youngblood | Wolfenstein Youngblood Review (PC)

Creator: Rock Paper Shotgun    Category: Gaming    Added: 25 Jul 2019
It is Wolfenstein Youngblood release day, but is coop the best fit for this FPS? From the exciting new level design to spongier coop gunplay, Astrid looks at the best and worst features in the final game. Thanks to Logitech G and the G432 7.1 Surround Sound gaming headset for sponsoring this video. Check out the tech behind the G432 over on the Logitech G site: http://bit.ly/2FkTkbi Rock Paper Shotgun will have a written Wolfenstein Youngblood review in due course. This is the RPS video team Youngblood review - a Wolfenstein Youngblood PC review, to be specific - and we’ve been waiting for this one for a while. Ever since we did our Wolfenstein Youngblood impressions piece (https://youtu.be/BsvkW30VKyQ) we’ve been hoping this one would come together. We've wanted to test Wolfenstein Youngblood to see if the Arkane-influenced level design would alter the flow, and whether coop action would find a better flow as the game progressed. Watch the video for our Wolfenstein Youngblood test results. First, the bad news: there is no Wolfenstein Youngblood coop split screen - this is online only. But you can spread some of the cost with the deluxe version - it comes with the Wolfenstein Youngblood buddy pass, that lets a friend download the game for free to play as your coop friend - they can't play the game as a solo player unless they upgrade it. Sadly, there's no Wolfenstein Youngblood crossplay, so make sure you have pals on the right format. The maps are more intricate, but is there enough to do? The Wolfenstein Youngblood campaign length isn't hugely long, but is padded with lots of side missions - it won't win any awards for originality in this regard, but it's as good an excuse as any to shoot scumbags. As always, we don’t go into detailed technical breakdowns unless it’s required - this Wolfenstein Youngblood PC gameplay shows it running on a GTX 1080 - we should have a full technical Wolfenstein Youngblood PC analysis over on Rock Paper Shotgun: The Site, so we’ll post a link to that when it is live. This Wolfenstein Youngblood gameplay PC should hopefully give an idea of its technical standard - the newer Wolfenstein games have always played smoothly and with relatively little fuss, and it's no different here. We also take a quick look at the story, the weapons, the characters and the level design: there are lots of great features taken in isolation that never quite gel as a whole. At least you can see it for yourself without faffing with the Bethesda game launcher - this is Steam Wolfenstein Youngblood and all is well with the world. We hope you enjoy this Wolfenstein Youngblood verdict video - it’s a series that means different things to different people - some love the story, some just want it to get out of the way of the shooting. If you have any questions about Wolfenstein Youngblood, we'll be happy to answer them - whether it’s something you need explaining further from the review, or something not covered. Want us to wax lyrical about the Jess and Soph? We can do that. Want a better idea of Wolfenstein Youngblood’s upgrades? Ask away. Want to know how long is Wolfenstein Youngblood campaign? That too. Want to see an in-depth breakdown of every weapon skin and pep gesture? Er, we ain't that good at collecting in-game currency. If you enjoyed this video, why not watch some of Rock Paper Shotgun’s other efforts? We have some earlier Wolfenstein Youngblood impressions (https://youtu.be/BsvkW30VKyQ) and take a big look at The Surge 2 with loads of exclusive new info (https://youtu.be/JnGhlfsiNwY). If you enjoyed this video I’d love it if you subscribed to Rock Paper Shotgun and gave the video a thumbs up. It’s the only thing that makes me happy. #WolfensteinYoungbloodReview #YoungbloodReview #RPS

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