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6 Reasons Gears 5 Is A Massive Comeback | Gears 5 Review (PC)

Creator: Rock Paper Shotgun    Category: Gaming    Added: 06 Sep 2019
Our Gears 5 review is here, and Matthew thinks it’s a great return to form for Gears of War. If you found Gears of War 4 safe, Gears of War 5 has a lot more to show you, from the open worlds and combat drone powers of campaign, to a huge spread of multiplayer fun. It’s a beauty too, as this Gears 5 PC gameplay hopefully shows. Enjoy! For Matthew’s written Gears of War 5 review check out Rock Paper Shotgun: The Site. This video helps illustrate those impressions with lovely gears 5 graphics recorded with an RTX 2080. Mmm, shiny. We call it a Gears 5 PC review, but everything we say goes for the Xbox One version too - remember that you can enjoy both of them with the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (use the £2 trial and you can easily rinse the Gears 5 campaign for the price of a Big Mac.) If anything in this Gears 5 test isn’t entirely clear, let us know in the comments and we can answer more of your questions. Playing Gears 5 PC was a pleasant surprise. After the achingly traditional adventure of GoW4, this is far more ambitious. The Gears 5 open world isn’t a proper sandbox, but it’s enough freedom to stretch your legs and go hunting for upgrades. In Gears 5 components are needed to boost your combat drone, Jack - it’s worth doing as his spread of skills really spices up the action. His mind control and cloak powers make this game much more exciting to play. It also makes it slightly longer than the usual Gears of War. If you’re wondering ‘how long is Gears 5’ then we clocked it in about 16 hours - that was playing on experienced and hitting lots of difficulty spikes along the way. I’ve seen some people say they beat it in ten hours, but you’d have to be pretty nippy. If you want to collect all the gubbins, it’ll take longer. Technically, Gears of War 5 launch is on Monday, but you can play the Ultimate edition now if you have the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (or bought the Ultimate Edition). As we reviewed the game while it wasn’t out, we haven’t had full time to do a proper Gears 5 multiplayer review. We were able to play a bit of everything, but we talk about it quite broadly here. Personally, I’ve always been more of a campaign and co-op player, but hopefully we give you a proper sense of the overall Gear 5 package. And it’s the scale and generosity of the package that really won Matthew over - however you like to play Gears, you should be well catered for. Gears of War 5 reviews have been pretty positive across the board and we were definitely surprised by how much of a comeback the series has had. It’s certainly not the best semi-open world shooter this year - I’d pick Metro Exodus, and you can find out why in my review (https://youtu.be/MLAZAmJPKUQ) - and for sheer exploration magic nothing can beat The Outer Wilds (you can watch that review here: https://youtu.be/4kYtnjmpPg4). But Geras 5 is a return to a form, no doubt. I hope you enjoyed this Gears of War 5 PC review. If you have any questions about the game, pop them in the comments. And if you enjoyed this review, I’d love if you’d give it a thumbs up and wrote something nice so that the YouTube algorithm doesn’t chuck the video into the big old bin. Remember, if we get to 5000 likes, Matthew will perform the musical Embry. We almost don’t want that to happen. Thanks for watching and see you soon. #Gears5Review #Gears5 #GearsOfWar5

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