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A Plague Tale Is About Love And Flesh Eating Rats | Plague Tale Review

Creator: Rock Paper Shotgun    Category: Gaming    Added: 14 May 2019
A Plague Tale Innocence is out now, and here at Rock Paper Shotgun we’re very excited to tell you our thoughts. In our Plague Tale review, we talk about everything you can expect from Asobo’s story-driven, adventure puzzle game. Okay, not everything, as we’ve done our absolute best to not spoil the entire game for you. Here you can expect to see stealth, puzzle-solving, family bonding, and alchemy. And rats. A whole loada rats. There are lots of systems at play in Plague Tale, from common equipment upgrades, to the way light and the dark can work in your favour. The rat armies are hindered by the light, but the Inquisition are always in well-lit areas. Alice makes a point of how enjoyable it is to use one enemy against another. It’s got a lot of horror game elements, without being horribly terrifying. Just don’t let your brother wind up getting eaten by rodents. In this Plague Tale PC gameplay you’ll see Alice is a huge fan of what she’s seen and played, and wishes she could dive back in to play again. There are lots of tiny decisions that will make your playthrough hard or easy, like whether or not you want to be upgrading equipment or keeping your ammunition well-stocked. If you want to hunt collectibles, like the curiosities hidden around the levels, or flowers for Hugo’s Herbarium, then be mindful you don’t get caught. Plague Tale’s enemies are the eye-catching horrors - the Inquisition and the rats - but the underlying story speaks of family bonds, friendship, and trust. And it’s this story that really pulls Plague Tale together. Without this it would just be an escort game where you try to avoid disease-ridden rats, and nasty men in armour. The voice acting and delivery of the story is so overwhelming it’s easy to feel like you’re Amicia and Hugo’s third sibling. Overall, we loved playing Plague Tale, and we’re sure you will too. But if we didn’t cover anything you’re curious about, please feel free to ask us questions in the comments below, and remember to like this video if you enjoyed it. Oh, and do subscribe to Rock Paper Shotgun if you want to see more videos like this. #APlagueTale #MeanieMen #MisunderstoodRats

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