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Here's How Formula 1 Cars Will Be Powered In The Future

Creator: Autosport    Category: Sport    Added: 25 Mar 2021

Could Hydrogen power a Formula 1 car? F1 might have hedged its bets with hybrid powertrains, but it is still aiming for a greener way to power its race cars in the future. In comes hydrogen power, which uses an entirely sustainable method of generating electricity to propel a racecar. Both Extreme E and the Mission H24 concept car are planning to use hydrogen to fuel themselves to victory, so Jake Boxall-Legge takes a look at how hydrogen power works, it's pros and cons and whether hydrogen power could be the future fuel for Formula 1 cars.

Mission H24 Car footage supplied by MissionH24
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0:00 The Future of F1 Fuel
0:38 Hydrogen Power's Current State
1:40 The Science Behind A Hydrogen Fuel Cell
3:12 Extreme E's Hydrogen Power
3:27 The H24 Hydrogen Concept Car
4:29 Hydrogen Powering Formula 1
5:39 F1's Future

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