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7 Ways XCOM: Chimera Squad Breathes New Life Into XCOM | XCOM: Chimera Squad Review

Creator: Rock Paper Shotgun    Category: Gaming    Added: 24 Apr 2020
Fancy an XCOM: Chimera Squad review? Colm breaks down the new XCOM spin-off, and thinks its fixed characters, new turn order and breach mode are great new ingredients that breathe life into the series. Let him explain with some love XCOM: Chimera Squad gameplay (PC) in this review... Why not subscribe for more: https://www.youtube.com/rockpapershot?sub_confirmation=1 Become a channel member: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5bKSAZBvV9AKlBJPG0Py-A/join Come chat to us on Discord: https://discord.gg/rockpapershotgun Rock Paper Shotgun has a written XCOM Chimera Squad review on the side. This is the RPS video team Chimera Squad review - played on PC, as it’s not yet announced for other platforms. It’s not a full sequel to XCOM 2, but a spin-off that sees aliens and humans sharing a city, and your gang of heroes trying to keep the peace by kicking in doors and blasting naughty people in the chops. And as our XCOM Chimera Squad test reveals: it’s a fast and furious take on the series that has really won our man over. Yes, XCOM Chimera Squad customization doesn’t allow you build friends and family - you’re tweaking existing characters - but that’s the biggest casualty here. This review also works as a handy XCOM Chimera Squad gameplay overview, breaking down how the new turn-order alters play, but why the breach mode and a few handy powers prevent it from becoming a simplistic turn-taking chore. It’s a glowing XCOM Chimera Squad verdict, all the more pleasing because it was only announced last week. How refreshing to not wait for months: a quick trailer and a few days later we’re able to dive in for some XCOM Chimera Squad analysis. It’s how it should be done. And if you feel that in Chimera Squad XCOM has made too many big changes, it’s not like we had to wait for months to discover it. It’s our ideal release schedule. Chimera Squad is available for half price in its first week, so hopefully you are watching this video then. If you did pick it up we’d love to hear your thoughts - the wider RPS team seems slightly split over the issue of permadeath (in this game you fail outright if a character dies, instead of moving on without them) and we’d be intrigued to hear your takes too. And if you have any questions not answered by this XCOM Chimera Squad review, pop them in the comments section for more answers. And why not give the video a like and subscribe while you’re there. Cheers! #XCOMChimeraSquadReview #XCOMChimeraSquad #ChimeraSquadReview

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