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Alien: Covenant Pitch Meeting

Creator: Screen Rant    Category: Entertainment    Added: 12 Apr 2021

Step inside the pitch meeting that led to Alien: Covenant!
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Ridley Scott’s Alien franchise is a classic in the world of sci-fi and horror. So like all things that were successful at a certain point in time, Hollywood decided to bring it back in the past decade. Alien: Covenant hit theatres in 2017 and was a follow-up to Prometheus, while also being kind of a sequel to Alien and Aliens? It’s a little blurry.

Alien: Covenant definitely raises some questions. Like why is James Franco in this? Why are some significant scenes on the internet instead of in the movie? Why isn’t anyone wearing protective gear on an alien planet? How does everyone not see how obviously evil David is? Why did that girl lock her friend in a room with an alien, only to go in a few seconds later after the alien got her? Why does David think that Xenomorphs are so perfect?

To answer all these questions and more, step inside the Pitch Meeting that led to Alien: Covenant! It’ll be super easy, barely an inconvenience.

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