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Xiao Xiao Plaza Special

Creator: Manstarg    Category: Animation    Added: 17 Feb 2002
A special edition Xiao Xiao movie, though I don't actually know what the occasion was!! Similar to No.3 but still different.

New Information - provided by "Ernie", here is the email he sent in:

The Xiao Xiao Plaza Special was an ACTUAL TV Commercial, contracted by Swire HK to XiaoXiao. One of Swire's shopping malls was not receiving attention after the opening of a new megamall in HK. Swire saw XiaoXiao3, and decided to use it in a TV Commercial to help bolster the number of people going to the mall.

The mall is named CityPlaza and is in Tai Koo Shing in Hong Kong. I know because I live in HK. So now you know what kind of special occasion it was for.

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