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Why Formula 1's New CURVED Wing is GENIUS

Creator: Driver61    Category: Sport    Added: 04 Aug 2021

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Now, strap in for this one. This new car design is properly genius - so let’s unpack it.

Formula 1 unveiled a full-size version of the new car recently, and it looks radically different to the current cars. Now, a lot of this is about improving the looks of the cars but mainly to do with improving racing.

But despite the crazy livery, the thing that caught my eye was the rear wing. We have never seen anything like this before - normally wings are boxy rather than curved like this, and for good reason!

So is this new look an aesthetic change, or to do with actually improving overtaking. Well, it turns out, the reasoning is genius.

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The entire philosophy of this new car is about reducing dirty air, the major factor that makes it incredibly hard to overtake.

And on the current car the hundreds of complex aero surfaces create lots of downforce, but with the bi-product of dirty air.

When driving behind another car, your wings no longer work and you have to take different lines and work your tyres harder to keep up.

Wind tunnel research says that you can lose as much as 35% of your downforce when following a car within three car lengths, and as you close that up to one car length - you can lose as much as 57%!

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