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Static X Live in 4K FULL CONCERT in Los Angeles 2023

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Prepare to be transported to a world of electrifying music and mind-blowing theatrics! When Static-X first unveiled their lineup pre-pandemic, fans were on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the reveal of the mysterious Xer0. Speculation ran rampant about the identity of the masked musician, with whispers circulating that it could be none other than the legendary Edsel Dope himself. And while Xer0's true identity remains shrouded in secrecy, there are undeniable similarities between this enigmatic figure and Dope, including a strikingly similar neck tattoo.

00:00 Startup
01:53 Permanence
06:04 This Is Not
09:11 Structural Defect
12:49 Black and White
16:54 Love Dump
22:01 Wisconsin Death Trip
25:10 Fix short live version
26:39 Bled for Days
30:50 Sweat of the Bud
34:13 Terminator Oscillator
37:02 Just in Case
41:02 Destroy All
43:32 Dirthouse
47:09 Bien Venidos/Get to the Gone
50:23 Cannibal
53:27 Terrible Lie
56:05 Cold
1:00:19 I'm With Stupid
1:04:10 Tony talks with the audience

But who cares about the man behind the mask when the music is this electrifying? With Xer0 as their platform, Static-X brings their signature brand of evil disco to a whole new generation. The new look for Xer0 is absolutely mind-blowing, with glowing red eyes, cable-like hair reminiscent of Wayne's iconic look, and robot-esque arms and hands that will leave you breathless.

And the music? Pure adrenaline-fueled awesomeness! From the opening four-song run of hits from their 2001 album Machine to the explosive energy of their debut album Wisconsin Death Trip, every moment is a testament to the band's incredible talent and boundless creativity. They even threw in a Nine Inch Nails cover just to keep things fresh and exciting.

But the true highlight of the night was the encore, a breathtaking tribute to the late, great Wayne that left the audience in tears. Snow descended on the crowd as the band played some of their most beloved hits, including "Cold," "I'm With Stupid," and "Push It." And when the band's mascot, a robot with a giant "X" on its head, took the stage, the crowd went wild. With its menacing shovel and electric stage presence, this nameless character was the perfect embodiment of everything that makes Static-X so unforgettable.

Tony Campos
Koichi Fukuda
Ken Jay
RIP Wayne Static

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