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How Red Bull finally made Helmut Marko apologise to Sergio Perez

Creator: THE RACE    Category: Sport    Added: 12 Sep 2023

Sergio Perez deserves better than to have to stomach prejudicial remarks from a senior figure in Red Bull’s F1 operation and maybe now something is finally going to permanently change.
Red Bull finally seems to be willing and able to take action on the way Helmut Marko has repeatedly made discriminatory comments about Perez, which REALLY needs to stop.
Last week Marko questioned Perez’s supposed ‘Mexican mentality’, which was just the latest of many derogatory comments about where Perez comes from in a critical context.
It’s one thing to scrutinise or even criticise Perez as an F1 driver for his performance. It’s quite another to lazily assert that perceived deficiencies exist because he is Mexican.

00:00 This needs to stop
03:01 Perez's concerns
05:56 How Red Bull finally acted

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