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What's The Difference Between Formula 1 High Downforce And Power Tracks

Creator: Autosport    Category: Sport    Added: 15 Apr 2021

What makes a Formula 1 downforce track different to a power track? We've all heard the terms before, but different tracks require vastly different car setups to get the maximum advantage around a lap. But what are these requirements? Jake Boxall-Legge dives into why Imola, Monaco, Silverstone and Monza all require different changes to a car to succeed across the board.

0:00 Formula 1 Track Types
0:50 What Is A Downforce Track?
1:19 What Is A Power Circuit?
1:43 Track Types Vs Driving Style
2:10 High Downforce Track Examples
2:41 Balancing Act Tracks
2:57 Monza, The True Power Track
3:44 Mexican GP's Surprise Requirements
4:17 The Science Of Power, Downforce And Drag
5:05 Spoon Wings - Best Of Both Worlds
5:26 Track Types And Suspension
5:50 Different Tracks And F1 Cars

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