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Resident Evil 3 Remake Is A Short, But Sweet Campaign | Resident Evil 3 Review (PC)

Creator: Rock Paper Shotgun    Category: Gaming    Added: 30 Mar 2020
It’s Resident Evil 3 review time. Or Resident Evil 3 Remake review time, to be precise. Capcom have dragged their 1999 classic into the modern day, but does it hold up to last year’s remake? Matthew steps out into Raccoon City and with the help of shiny Resident Evil 3 PC gameplay, explains how it’s a short, but sweet campaign. Why not subscribe for more: https://www.youtube.com/rockpapershot?sub_confirmation=1 Become a channel member: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5bKSAZBvV9AKlBJPG0Py-A/join Come chat to us on Discord: https://discord.gg/rockpapershotgun Rock Paper Shotgun will have a written Resident Evil 3 PC review on the site. This is the RPS video team Resident Evil 3 remake review - a Resident Evil 3 Remake PC review to be specific. Ever since we ran our early Resident Evil 3 Remake test (https://youtu.be/BjhsEAEtJoY) we’ve been waiting to see how this one comes together. It’s a slightly mixed bag: Nemesis is turned from stalker to epic boss monster and it doesn’t last very long, but what’s here is very polished, good fun and contains great zombie head popping action. We’ve also kept our Resident Evil 3 analysis as spoiler-free as possible - there are some locations from later in the game, but no bosses, cutscenes or enemies that weren’t shown in earlier Resident Evil 3 PC gameplay. If it doesn’t quite hold up to last year’s game, this Resident Evil 3 verdict hopefully explains what a good job Capcom have done updating creaky set pieces and making better connections between the remakes. Yes, it’s short, but the original was, too. Wondering how long is Resident Evil 3? Matthew made it through in 6 hours, but that was quite slow. You can comfortably manage it in 5. This Resident Evil 3 PC gameplay shows it running on a RTX 2080 Ti, so it has all the bells and whistles activated - our tech wizard is doing a full breakdown on Rock Paper Shotgun the site, so will post a link when it is live. It’s a very polished release on PC, with few technical hiccups, although we haven’t been able to test online features, like Resistance. For the meantime, please enjoy this RE3 review. If you’d like to know more about the game you can watch our earlier previews that outline the bigger changes since last year’s remake (https://youtu.be/BjhsEAEtJoY). Resident Evil 3 has a very different tone to its predecessor back in 1999 and that continues here. If you have any questions about Resident Evil 3 not answered by this review, please put them in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them. We will hopefully stream the game later in the week (if we are allowed!) so keep an eye out for that, too. Resident Evil 3 release date is 3 April, the day after my birthday, no less. It’s also coming to console, but this is a review of the PC version, on Steam. No annoying launchers to mess with. Thanks for watching and please do subscribe, or check out some of our other PC reviews: Resident Evil 2 Review: https://youtu.be/9il0_E5EYK0 Doom Eternal Review: https://youtu.be/qfvntk4_its Ori And The Will of The Wisps Review: https://youtu.be/gmrRBDlbHQM Phoenix Point Review: https://youtu.be/RNtESq5CFvI #ResidentEvil3Review #ResidentEvil3RemakeReview #RE3Review

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