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6 Best And Worst Things About Darksiders 3 | PC Review

Creator: Rock Paper Shotgun    Category: Gaming    Added: 01 Dec 2018
Darksiders 3 is a sequel we never thought we’d get, but does it live up to the first two? In our Darksiders PC review we look at the best and worst features, from the Seven Deadly Sins to the new powers, map design and combat. Is it a saint or sinner? Watch to find out. For a written Darksiders 3 review you can check out the review link below to Rock Paper Shotgun, but his is our video analysis of the game. I’ve played through it start to finish - found most of Darksiders 3’s secrets (well, as many as I can find - the game is a bit vague about what there is to collect) and beaten all those bosses. At preview stage Darksiders 3 had a lot of interesting things going for it - a huge map that acts as one vast dungeon, and the option to tackle some of the bosses in an order of your choosing. Do these Darksiders 3 features add up in a meaningful way? This Darksiders 3 PC review offers answers. I think Darksiders 3 is a good Metroid clone, with a focus on backtracking and accrusing new powers that slowly open up the world. As I look at Darksiders 3’s best weapon and abilities you’ll see how well these were implemented. I’m not sure bosses quite deliver the spectacle of the previous games, however, and there are far fewer surprises than you would expect. I don’t talk about Darksiders 3’s story too much - it’s a pretty solid chapter three and Fury adds some spice to the mix - but if you’re the kind of person who is invested in the tale to date, then you will probably get some decent mileage out of it. Elsewhere I discuss Darksiders 3’s map, puzzles and combat - if there’s anything I didn’t cover, please do ask in the comments below. Happy to answer any Darksiders 3 questions you may have. I was playing on PC with and Xbox pad, so I didn't encounter some of the bugs and technical problems others found in the console version. Hopefully I’ve explained everything clearly. If you found this Darksiders III review useful do let us know in the comments and please do subscribe to Rock Paper Shotgun - we cover anything PC-related, and would love to have you join us for future videos. #darksiders3 #rps

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