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Judas Priest - Epitaph (Full Concert)

Creator: JudasPriestVEVO    Category: Music    Added: 14 May 2020

Watch the full "Epitaph" concert by Judas Priest

00:17 Battle Hymn
01:01 Rapid Fire
05:25 Metal Gods
10:04 Heading out to the highway
14:57 Judas Rising
19:53 Starbreaker
24:10 Victim of Changes
35:53 Never Satisfied
42:05 Diamonds and Rust
47:04 Prophecy
53:17 Nightcrawler
59:53 Turbo Lover
1:06:53 Beyond the realms of death
1:14:30 The Sentinel
1:20:33 Blood Red Skies
1:29:10 The Green Manalishi (with the two-pronged crown)
1:33:48 Breaking the law
1:36:29 Drum Solo
1:38:02 Painkiller
1:45:27 The Hellion/Electric Eye
1:50:50 Hell bent for leather
2:00:04 You got another thing comin'
2:12:58 Living after midnight

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