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7 Worst And Best Things About Anthem At Launch | Anthem Review

Creator: Rock Paper Shotgun    Category: Gaming    Added: 21 Feb 2019
Anthem is here and it’s a mix of the great and the good. When you’re flying around, unleashing Anthem combos it’s a hoot, but along come the Anthem loading times - and the endless loading screens - to disrupt the party. We’ve played Anthem PC for the last five days and here’s the 7 best and worst things about Anthem at launch. It’s hard to do a final Anthem review as the game is a constant work in progress. The Anthem day 1 patch has just kicked it and if you’ve followed the patch notes you’ll know there’s a lot to fix. Anthem loading times are long, and there are so many of them - and while the Anthem patch day one has sped things up a bit, it hasn’t fixed the horrible flow of the game. But our Anthem release review isn’t all rage at bugs, glitches and weird design decisions; there’s plenty ro enjoy. Triggering Anthem combos is satisfying, and the way they’ve captured the weight and heft of flying metal people is pretty amazing. And while we aren’t crazy about Anthem weapons - the real world guns are number cannons that lack a proper sense of identity - we are dazzled with the sheer spectacle of Anthem combat. Can an Anthem patch solve the lack of heft behind a shotgun? We’re not so sure. You could call this an Anthem review in progress - it covers our thoughts from finishing the Anthem story - Anthem campaign length isn’t massively long, but when you see the lack of mission variety you may thank us for that. We also talk about the slightly rough padding in the middle of the question, as you try and finishing Anthem Challenges of the Legionnaires. Luckily for you the Anthem day one patch has improved this grinding mission, but it’s inclusion still speaks to clumsy game design and a lack of direction. We should add that this is an Anthem PC review, captured on a GTX 1070, if you’re looking for rough performance idea. For a full Anthem tech analysis keep an eye on Rock Paper Shotgun: The Site, for more information. We’ll be doing a deeper Anthem review of the endgame next week, once the game is out in the public’s hands and we can play with those tastier weapons. We don’t give a score, so won’t appear on Anthem metacritic, but the game is far from hopeless. As with all these online looter shooters judging them on day one seems unfair as they are destined to grow and evolve. While we wouldn’t recommend this on Anthem release, there is potential to grow into a more substantial game. Anthem weapons and loot are quite underpowered in the campaign, offering tiny rewards for your hard work, which doesn’t fill us with hope for the endgame. And Anthem endgame plans could be a lot clearer - as it is, you have three Anthem strongholds and endless contracts to grind at Grandmaster difficulty. It isn’t an exciting proposition as it is. What will keep us coming back for the hundreds of hours people have poured into Destiny, Division and the like? For a written Anthem review you can check out Rock Paper Shotgun: The Site. Currently we have early Anthem impressions on the site (https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2019/02/21/in-anthems-first-week-screw-everything-except-the-storm-javelin-tbqh/) with a full Anthem PC review to follow. If you have any questions about what I’ve covered in this video, do pop them in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them. And if you really enjoyed this Anthem game review, why not give it a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel. We really appreciate your support. Thanks for watching. #anthem #anthemreview #rps

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