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Humankind Gameplay And Impressions | The Pepsi To Civilization's Coca Cola?

Creator: Rock Paper Shotgun    Category: Gaming    Added: 18 Jun 2020

Humankind, Sega and Amplitude's upcoming 4X strategy game, is looking to take the 4X crown from Civilization. Matthew and Nate talk us through new Humankind gameplay and discuss if this will knock Sid Meier off his perch. Please enjoy these Humankind impressions.

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In this Humankind preview we go into the eras on offer, like Ancient, Neolithic and so on, as well as the fact that you can change what cultures you play as throughout the game. The city building, which is certainly comparable to Civ 6, seems really exciting because of its flexibility. Although you don't see a whole lot of it in this Humankind gameplay, the game is quite open and flexible. Fingers crossed it all works together well in the final game. We cover all kinds of stuff from the Humankind fame system, to combat, building, civics and much more.

This isn't a Humankind review; we'd love it if we were able to get our hands on the full game now! Sadly, as the Humankind release date has been pushed to 2021, we won't be able to give you any final thoughts on this one for a while. But, this video should give you a decent idea of what to expect. If you're looking for somewhat of a Humankind tutorial, you are able to sign up to the Humankind Open Dev program, which will allow you to get a little taster of the game for yourself: https://www.games2gether.com/amplitude-studios/humankind/blogs/731

If you have any questions raised by these Humankind impressions, please pop them in the comments and we'll answer them. If you are a season Civilisation player, does this one appeal to you?

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