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RIDE 4 Review - The Final Verdict

Creator: GamingBolt    Category: Gaming    Added: 09 Oct 2020

The real shame of RIDE 4 is that there's the bones of a decent racing game here. It looks and sounds the part, and you can tell that there was passion put into it.

There's plenty of bikes and tracks, and they're all lovingly rendered and animated in beautiful detail. The physics simulation is detailed and accurate, doing a great job of differentiating the various bikes and weather conditions.

And when the game isn't fighting you, it's possible to have some fun. But the lack of content and leggy controls hold back this game from truly shining. RIDE 4 can be really hard on newcomers, and if that is the case then the game seems utterly uninterested in helping you progress or improve. It simply presents itself to you, demanding perfection at all times and promising little in return.

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