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New AMG A45S! The 60k Super Hatch Worth Every Penny!!

Creator: Remove Before Race    Category: Cars, Motors, Vehicles    Added: 27 Mar 2020

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Welcome back to RBR guys! Now we’ve featured the new genre A Class AMG heavily with the engine tour, 4Matix+ Drift Mode on ice, and the last time on track in Spain. But today is finally the definitive test drive! It’s a car that AMG cars a super sports car in the compact segment, and it is the AMG A45S 4matic+!

So you guys know how the A45 story goes right? It was originally a big tangent for AMG to explore, a company that was better known for fast saloons and Supercars. In 2013 they released the original A45 AMG, a little hatchback with 380 BHP and 475NM feeding a front biased AWD system! It should never have worked, but it was a big hit with customers. Heck it’s car I still own today, I re-bought it recently after missing it so much (you saw the collection video right?) and the reasons behind its success is something we will explore in great depth when I review my old car very soon! But in short, it’s got speed, fun handling, AMG DNA inside and out and a bloody awesome soundtrack!

But it had its limits. Tech is low, understeer exists, gearbox and engine are old school in Turbo response and it’s nothing you’d ever dare call super sports car. Then came the A35 of this new generation, and without being exhaustive : it’s the exact same formula as that previous car even sharing many components, except with less power coming from a non- hand built engine.

SO you will often hear people say or comment that why bother with the much more expensive 45S when the A35 is a damn good car?? Today we humour those people and let’s explore that idea, by turning an A35 into an A45S!

In essence, everything changes. That engine first of all is completely new and will likely form the basis for the future the 4 Cylinder C63 too. It’s a 4 cylinder twin scroll turbo like the engine before it, but shares no parts with it. Instead it’s rotated 180 to allow better cooling via a more aerodynamic structure and 3 stages of cooling. The engine revs to 7200 rather than 6500, and produces a massive 421 BHP in this model, with 500 nm and a sub 4 second 0-60 on the heels of AMG GT, making power to weight exceed many supercars!

So is it a proper super hatch? Is the 60K price tag justified? And what about Chris Harris’ A45S comments?! Today we explore:

  • The First A45 AMG 2013 W168
  • The AMG A35 4matic
  • A35 vs A45S!
  • New AMG A45 S Model
  • The new M139 Engine
  • Torque/Power Curve
  • 4 Matic vs 4Matic+ two clutch rear axel
  • Rigidity, Suspension, gearbox
  • Exterior Design
  • Interior Highlights and Voice Control
  • AMG Digital driver zone
  • AMG Emotion Start - the loud start! Exhaust and revs
  • Full Road review
  • Conclusion

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